Don’t you just love it when you have ‘one of those weeks’? It could be days, months, years… but for me it’s been the last week.

I have had:

  • A corneal abrasion after my daughter dug her fingers into my eye requiring a trip to the emergency room and a tetanus vaccination (My eye is all good now)
  • My cats got fleas so I’ve had to sort that out AND wash all the bedding and couch covers – not easy while its be raining here
  • The ants moved in so I’ve had to get to getting rid of them – looks like that’s under control
  • My car broke down (while I was driving with the girls) requiring 24 hours off the road

Each of those incidents could have upset me, made me cranky, made me yell, ruined my week.

And of course this has all been on top of the usual madness of being a single mum to a ‘threenager’ preschooler and a frustrated toddler resulting in tantrums, whinging, sibling rivalry, aggression and really crappy sleep patterns! Add in the normal household duties and I don’t think there were many spare moments!

But it is all about attitude and perspective and realizing that there is a lesson to be learned from every situation. Life and being a mum is all about learning. Learning the lessons from our experiences including the good and the bad, learning from our family, learning from our friends. If you don’t learn, you don’t grow. And what’s the point of being alive if you don’t grow?!?

So what did I learn this week?

From the eye incident:

  • Keep my focus on what is important. What’s important for me, my life, my family, my business

From the fleas and the ants and the car:

  • Shit happens! Work out the solution, act upon it promptly and then there won’t be any more problems

The best thing about this week has also been the opportunity to act like the person I want to be. My default can sometimes be negative and cranky but I choose to act like a confident, strong and trusting person.

In all these challenging moments I haven’t re-acted to the situation but instead I’ve acted like the person I want to be. And I successfully did!

And what was the outcome?!?  I’ve had a GREAT week 🙂


What type of person do you want to be? The type of mum you want to be? Have you every thought about it? You can choose how you want to act and how you want to be perceived by others around you. Motherhood Coaching is a great tool that can get you there. Pop your details in here and I’ll get in contact with you to organise a FREE consult to get you on the way to being the type of person and type of mum you WANT to be!

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Heather is a passionate supporter of mums and calm and positive parenting. She uses her coaching training and experience as a Registered Nurse and single mum of three to help mums be the type of mum they've always wanted to be... As she says, "It's about thriving, not surviving".
heather3 lowres e1411990136380 - A week's worth of lessons
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