how to deal with death

Why Death Makes Me A Better Parent

In the early hours of last Saturday morning my grandmother died. She was in her late 80’s and had been unwell and in a nursing home for many years. We were not...
Quote Chico Xavier new beginnings as a single mum

Life Lessons From A Single Mum

This week I’ve met a few mums while I’ve been out and about with my daughters who have come up to me and said what beautiful girls that they are. One mum put...
tips to stress less

Do You Set Yourself Up For Failure?

High expectations of yourself… I bet you’ve been there before! All the things that you have to do around the house, with the kids, for yourself, for your friends,...
stop yelling at your kids when they won't listen

The Problem With Yelling

I am anti-yelling at kids. It’s not an effective parenting technique and it often does more harm than good. There is a growing body of evidence that yelling is damaging...
coping with trauma as a parent

Coping With Disaster Or Trauma

Queensland and the New South Wales coast was wrecked by severe winds and storms over the weekend. My old stomping ground, the Northern Beaches of Sydney was some of the worst...