The Mummy Rescue Pack

Lavender Flower & Purple Candle

The last couple of days around here have been so busy. I’ve been running around catching up after jet lag, birthday parties, ballet lessons, swimming, laundry, shopping etc… You know the deal! When you’ve got so much to do it is so easy to loos track of where you are and be less than patient…

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The Beauty of Soft-play Centres

Soft Play Equipment

After taking the girls through two countries already we’ve been settled in the third, Canada, for about 5 days now. It’s been so helpful to be back in a family routine, and I use the word routine lightly as I’m not very strict with it. It’s just a nice guideline for us. We’ve seen family,…

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Coaching? Really?

Life Coaching? It’s the buzz thing at the moment. Seems like everyone is a coach of some sort. I thought I’d share with you why I KNOW coaching can help mums. Let me tell you a bit about my story. I’m a single mum of two beautiful girls and I went through a messy separation…

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The Importance Of Remembering To BREATHE

I was going to start off my blog with a series of posts on what coaching is and how it can help, but I’ve decided to launch into my favourite topic – the breath. When I speak to mum the most common theme is the desire to be a calm and patient parent. Ha! When…

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