Stop Telling Me To Limit My Kids Screen Time

Toddler plays with iPhone

This morning I was out with my son (18 months) doing some shopping and then having some morning tea. The family had all woken up late and with getting everyone out of the door on time I didn’t get a chance to have breakfast. So sitting down and having an egg on toast with a…

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When Your Child Does The Opposite Of What You Ask

Why Does My Child Ignore Me

We need our children to do things. It’s not about being controlling or overtly forceful. If the household is to run smoothly, if they are to get to daycare or school, to extracurricular activities or simply to a friend’s place, they need to be guided to do certain things. Our children need to learn what…

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I’m Always Frustrated At My Child. What Can I Do?

frustrated mum

What can we do as a mum when we’re feeling frustrated by our child, their attitude or their behaviour? We’ve all been there, it happens to all of us. Feeling frustrated can be the first step in a cascade towards anger and us ending up yelling at our children and then the guilt of yelling.…

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5 Mistakes Parents While Teaching Their Kids Self-Control

colourful hands childrens artwork

What parent doesn’t want their child to be able to control their behaviour, their emotions, and their words? Emotional regulation (aka self-control) is something that we all strive to foster in our child. We want them to be able to grow and have self-control. It’s an important skill for them to have. Research demonstrates that children…

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7 Things To Do With Your Anger Besides Yelling

andre hunter 350301 630x315 - 7 Things To Do With Your Anger Besides Yelling

We all know how frustrating it can be raising children. They often don’t listen, talk back to us, don’t do what we need them to do. On top of that the tantrums, the fighting, the whining. All while we’re exhausted, hungry and just want to sit down for 5 minutes without having anyone touch us…

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Beyond Acceptance Of My Post-Baby Body

I had to go bra shopping the other day. The first time I’d bought a new bra since while I was pregnant, so over a year and a half ago. I’ve lived the last almost 7 years in maternity bras. 4 and a half years spent breastfeeding and practically the rest pregnant. This time I…

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Why Motherhood Matters


I’ve been asked before why my posts are focused on mums, being a mum and the experience of motherhood through the eyes of a mother. This is not a sexist decision. I am not disregarding the experiences of a father. In society, the role, expectations, and experience of a mother vs a father are very…

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What Is Your Parenting Style?

The combination of your attitudes and values that you have towards parenting and your children is called your parenting style. It goes beyond the nuts and bolts, the daily tasks of raising children, and instead is the umbrella term for the emotional environment that you create as a parent within your family and which directly…

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10 Good Parenting Skills

blog good parenting skills

We all want to be a good parent and to have good parenting skills. There is so much to manage. Regardless of the age of your child, there will be challenges that you face on a daily basis. Just like there are no perfect parents, there is no perfect child. Every child will have a…

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How To Discipline Your Child

blog how to discipline children

No matter how perfect we think our children are, there will always come a time when we have to discipline them. Part of the job of being a child is learning how they fit into this world, how relationships work and what role they play. They will get it wrong, and it is perfectly normal…

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