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How To Discipline Your Child

No matter how perfect we think our children are, there will always come a time when we have to discipline them. Part of the job of being a child is learning how they fit into...
IVF Process Embryo

Is This The End Of My IVF Journey

Through the blessing of fertility medicine, donor sperm, and IVF, I have my three beautiful children. All three conceived from the same egg collection with the same sample...
Screaming Mum Pulling Hair

How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids

If ONLY you could stop yelling at your kids!! The stress of raising kids can be amazing some days. Feeling like you’re always cranky and overwhelmed. The constant...
Using Meditation To Help In Motherhood

Meditation for Conscious Parenting

Meditation. It’s a buzz word that we see floating around in the media, online, on magazine covers. Celebrities talk about how meditation helps them. There are articles...
Heather Lindsay and Motherhood

How Motherhood Helped Me Find Me

Who am I? Who are you? Through my meditation practice, I try to connect with me, connect with my why and who I want to be. Differentiate between Heather the...
You can be the perfect mum

You Can Be A Perfect Mum

Can You Be A Perfect Mum? Last week my Facebook news feed was full of articles and posts about the ‘perfect mum’. In the past, I’ve been accused of trying to...
effective parenting tips

What is Effective Parenting?

We all want to be good parents. To have a positive influence in our child’s life so that they grow up to be well rounded, emotionally stable, physically and...
love your life as a parent

How To Be A Happy Mum

We all want to be happy, don’t we? To enjoy our life, enjoy the time we have with our kids and overall feel fulfilled, right? Are you happy? What is happiness? What does...