Your Parenting Network Can Save Your Sanity

Your parenting network

  No mum is an island and having a good group of people around to support her is essential. Setting up a strong parenting network can ensure a mum can cope with stressful parenting times and save her sanity. However, it’s all about quality, not just quantity. Groups to Include In Your Parenting Network There…

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Meditation for Conscious Parenting

Using Meditation To Help In Motherhood

Meditation. It’s a buzz word that we see floating around in the media, online, on magazine covers. Celebrities talk about how meditation helps them. There are articles online, in newspapers or magazines about the beneficial effects it has on illness and disease. Meditation positively impacts almost every area of life, including parenting. As it has…

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Sleep Regression: How To Get More Sleep As A Mum

feeling exhausted as a new mum

Sleep… the holy grail of parenting. Anyone who has looked after children know the hellish ordeal that comes from sleep deprivation or any kind of lack of sleep; it is pure torture. Over the last two weeks, my 8-month-old has had a bout of sleep regression, waking very frequently, almost every 2 hours, worse than…

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How Motherhood Helped Me Find Me

Heather Lindsay and Motherhood

Who am I? Who are you? Through my meditation practice, I try to connect with me, connect with my why and who I want to be. Differentiate between Heather the ‘mum’ and Heather the ‘woman’. They are the same person, yet different. I am more than just a mum. I am a woman, a spiritual being…

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You Can Be A Perfect Mum

You can be the perfect mum

Can You Be A Perfect Mum? Last week my Facebook news feed was full of articles and posts about the ‘perfect mum’. In the past, I’ve been accused of trying to make mums perfect, so I felt motivated to write this response. Firstly, what is perfect? Complete, having all the desired characteristics, whole. Can any mum…

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What is Effective Parenting?

effective parenting tips

We all want to be good parents. To have a positive influence in our child’s life so that they grow up to be well rounded, emotionally stable, physically and psychologically healthy adults. But how do we do that? We must be effective parents. If we define effective it means to be “successful in producing a…

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How To Be A Happy Mum

love your life as a parent

We all want to be happy, don’t we? To enjoy our life, enjoy the time we have with our kids and overall feel fulfilled, right? Are you happy? What is happiness? What does it mean to be a happy mum? Being happy means feeling pleasure, being joyful, excited and blissful. If you look up the…

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When You’re The Odd One Out

This is the third article in a series of ‘Thriving as a mum’ — In this last article to wrap up this three part series I want to explore how to manage situations when the type of mum that you want to be is in conflict to the type of parent your friends, family or…

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Your Ideal Type of Mum

how to be a good mum

Welcome to the second article in a three part series on “Thriving as a mum” — In the last article I spoke about the myth of winging it at parenting. We never just ‘wing it’ being a mum. We parent the way we were parented as a child unless we choose to be something different. This can…

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The Myth of Winging it at Parenting

parenting tips for new parents

This is the first article in a three-part series on “Thriving as a Mum” — Everyday I see articles, posts, memes, comments about how we’re all just winging it at parenting. Well we don’t! The thing is, we all had parents. We will parent the way we were parented unless we consciously choose something different. No…

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