What is Effective Parenting?

effective parenting tips

We all want to be good parents. To have a positive influence in our child’s life so that they grow up to be well rounded, emotionally stable, physically and psychologically healthy adults. But how do we do that? We must be effective parents. If we define effective it means to be “successful in producing a…

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How To Be A Happy Mum

love your life as a parent

We all want to be happy, don’t we? To enjoy our life, enjoy the time we have with our kids and overall feel fulfilled, right? Are you happy? What is happiness? What does it mean to be a happy mum? Being happy means feeling pleasure, being joyful, excited and blissful. If you look up the…

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When You’re The Odd One Out

This is the third article in a series of ‘Thriving as a mum’ — In this last article to wrap up this three part series I want to explore how to manage situations when the type of mum that you want to be is in conflict to the type of parent your friends, family or…

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Your Ideal Type of Mum

how to be a good mum

Welcome to the second article in a three part series on “Thriving as a mum” — In the last article I spoke about the myth of winging it at parenting. We never just ‘wing it’ being a mum. We parent the way we were parented as a child unless we choose to be something different. This can…

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The Myth of Winging it at Parenting

parenting tips for new parents

This is the first article in a three-part series on “Thriving as a Mum” — Everyday I see articles, posts, memes, comments about how we’re all just winging it at parenting. Well we don’t! The thing is, we all had parents. We will parent the way we were parented unless we consciously choose something different. No…

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My Why…

I thought I’d share with you today a deeply personal post about my ‘WHY’. Not only about business but about Heather Lindsay as ‘mum’, my family and the type of mum I’ve chosen to be. This carries on from a post I made at the beginning of the month and I thought that it was…

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Better Parenting Without Complaining

better parenting without complaining

I popped up a Facebook post this week that has been getting some interesting feedback. You can have a read of it here. It was my #sorrynotsorry post about complaining about the challenges of parenting. I can totally understand why mums need to blow off some steam when their children’s behaviour has pushed their buttons.…

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I Give You Permission

Permission parenting

I was chatting to a mum last week about her experiences with breastfeeding her first child. Her child, now 3 years old had great difficulty latching during feeding. Despite all her best efforts this mum only managed to get breastmilk to her child from exclusively pumping. So that’s what she did. She exclusively pumped for…

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Reflections On The First Day Of Kindergarten

Back To School

This week my eldest daughter started kindergarten. I was so excited for her and immensely proud. I was happy at drop off and at pick up. My heart swelled when I helped her get dressed in the morning  and when I tucked her into bed. Yet everyone seems to be asking about how I was…

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20 Positive Things To Say To Yourself Each Day

how to stay positive

There have been a few viral posts lately of motivating things to say to your children. Dad’s standing in front of the mirror with their child reciting affirmations. Beliefs that mums should use to help empower their daughters… and it’s all great and I’m behind it 100%. Except that unless you a saying the same…

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