Do You Set Yourself Up For Failure?

tips to stress less

High expectations of yourself… I bet you’ve been there before! All the things that you have to do around the house, with the kids, for yourself, for your friends,  family, and whom ever else you have an obligation to. There is nothing wrong with having expectations of who we are and what we have to…

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Why Stopping Yelling At Your Kids Begins With You

In my practice I come across a multitude of mothers who want to change their child’s behaviour. They want to stop the tantrums, the sibling rivalry, improve sleep patterns, stop aggression and so on. And of course don’t forget about the kids not listening! There is a wealth of information out there on different parenting /…

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Want To Know The Gossip At Blissed Out Mums?

August 2016 Update %2F Refocus blog Blissed Out Mums

I can’t believe that we are already in July already! Only 23 weeks until Christmas, everything is coming up very fast! It has been a huge year for me and for lots of people I know. Lots of energy, both positive and negative effecting people in different ways. There have been some MASSIVE incidents with humanity as…

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The Problem With Yelling

stop yelling at your kids when they won't listen

I am anti-yelling at kids. It’s not an effective parenting technique and it often does more harm than good. There is a growing body of evidence that yelling is damaging to children both short and long term. Excessive yelling is parental bullying and causes emotional pain in children. No-one likes to be yelled at. Love…

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Coping With Disaster Or Trauma

coping with trauma as a parent

Queensland and the New South Wales coast was wrecked by severe winds and storms over the weekend. My old stomping ground, the Northern Beaches of Sydney was some of the worst hit. Photos of flooding, erosion, wind damage and general destruction have been all over the news and social media this morning. I know that…

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My Decision To Have Baby Number 3… By Myself

three children as a single mum

This week I announced my current pregnancy… baby number 3! At 14 weeks pregnant it’s time to share the joy and excitement. If you know my backstory you’ll know that I’m a single mum and I have been since I was 28 weeks pregnant with my second daughter. If you haven’t read the story, please…

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The Fun Of Meal Planning

meal planning for busy mums

Being a calm mum requires organisation and one of the key factors in an organised house is meal planning. Everyone knows it! Just do a search of any of the online mothers groups you’ll find posts about asking how people do their meal planning and what recipes are good for families, freezing etc… I’m a…

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Attention Seeking Behaviour In Children

attention seeking behaviour in children

The comment of “oh it’s just attention seeking behaviour” is too often said in response to parents asking about their child’s behaviour. It’s often referred to as something negative, an annoyance to parents, has no purpose, or is part of manipulation of the parent on the child’s behalf. What is Attention Seeking Behaviour As the…

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Communicating With Your Child: What Are You Teaching Them?

Communicating With Your Child Makes All The Difference! Your role as a mum is crucial. How you act, communicating with your child and what you say will influence your child’s opinion on the world and their role in it. I started out my coaching work because I knew that I could be a great role…

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4 Keys To Not Yelling During Tantrums

toddler tantrums

Every mum has a child who has a tantrum. It’s important to realise that children of all ages have tantrums – the toddler might have the classic yell and scream ‘textbook’ tantrum where as the teenager stomps off, yells “I hate you” and slams their door. I even know some adults who have tantrums! In…

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