meal planning for busy mums

The Fun Of Meal Planning

Being a calm mum requires organisation and one of the key factors in an organised house is meal planning. Everyone knows it! Just do a search of any of the online mothers...
positive parenting

Parenting On The Difficult Days

It’s easy to be a parent on the days when things are good. You know those days where the children listen and don’t argue with you. Chores get done, you...
resilience as a parent

The Resilient Mum

There’s a lot of information out there about how to, and the importance of raising resilient children. I agree to this completely and add that equal importance has to be...
lost-in-thought-woman-1431909-1279x850 emotional coaching

Lost your mojo?

Have you ever lost your Mummy Mojo? We’re now into February and for those of your with older kids they’ve gone back to primary or high school and preschools are...
emotional coaching for mums

Do You Really Know Who You Are?

Welcome to 2016!! Let’s start the year getting clear on YOU!! Here’s the second installment in a two part blog series by Michèle Jabre… Enjoy!  ...
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Indulge In Your Feminine Energy

I would like to introduce you to  Michèle Jabre… She and I are collaborating on some coaching programs together and this is one in a series of guest blog...