Do You Really Know Who You Are?

emotional coaching for mums

Welcome to 2016!! Let’s start the year getting clear on YOU!! Here’s the second installment in a two part blog series by Michèle Jabre… Enjoy!   I am frequently surprised to hear some people say that they don’t really know what they would like to do or what they really think about something, they even…

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Indulge In Your Feminine Energy

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I would like to introduce you to  Michèle Jabre… She and I are collaborating on some coaching programs together and this is one in a series of guest blog posts. Enjoy! xo H   

Chinese culture teaches us that each one of us is driven by an energy that can be positive or negative, calm or excited,…

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What’s The Point Of Research Without Support?

A Mother's Love

I was very interested earlier this week when an article reflecting the latest research regarding the ineffectiveness of spanking, timeouts and sleep training was released. You can read the article here. I agree 100% with everything in the article. The old discipline models are not effective, and that is for many reasons. However what this…

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Celebrating Birth

Just Born

Today is the 2nd birthday of my youngest daughter, Miss S. At 7:55 on this day in 2013 she entered this world. It was an amazing day. An elective induction for social reasons – I had to ensure that I had care for my eldest daughter during the 4 days I would be in hospital,…

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Managing Unwanted Parenting Advice

Parenting Advice

During a session last week with a client a mum was getting really upset because she felt continuously judged by others, especially her extended family because they, in her words “always sticking their noses” into her and her husbands business. It was a problem for her because having the constant advice was  creating feelings of…

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Why There is No More Television At Mumma’s House

No More Tv

Why my youngest was born the television was my saviour. A single mum with a toddler and a newborn it saved my sanity. It allowed me to look after my youngest without Miss 2 1/2 (at that time) interrupting and waking the baby up again. If you’ve got more than one child you know what…

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3 Steps To Stop Feeling Like You Have To Ask Permission

Asking Permission

Today you’ll be learning the 3 questions you need to ask yourself when you feel like you have to ask permission of someone else to change the way you are parenting your child. I had a conversation with a new mum over the last week who I had been helping to establish breastfeeding and to adjust to the shock…

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Gender Transition and Motherhood

Rainbow Flag

I have been tossing up writing my story down for all of you for a while now, however I feel that the time has come. One of the hurdles I know that mums face, not only from my own experiences in motherhood but also through conversations with clients is about putting on the brave face.…

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Do you want to be a better mum?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about change. There’s a lot going on in the next few months for me including moving house (not a small feat at all). Change is inevitable, it is the only constant in life. Without it life could not exist. Day changes into night. Summer into Autumn. Children grow up.…

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Got Guilt?

Got Guilt Blog Post

The most common thing I hear from all the mums who I talk to is about guilt. Mummy guilt! It is one of the common links between us all – and its not always helpful! Guilt can be a state, or it can be an emotion – a cognitive process. The definition of guilt is…

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