Communicating With Your Child: What Are You Teaching Them?

Communicating With Your Child Makes All The Difference! Your role as a mum is crucial. How you act, communicating with your child and what you say will influence your child’s opinion on the world and their role in it. I started out my coaching work because I knew that I could be a great role…

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4 Keys To Not Yelling During Tantrums

toddler tantrums

Every mum has a child who has a tantrum. It’s important to realise that children of all ages have tantrums – the toddler might have the classic yell and scream ‘textbook’ tantrum where as the teenager stomps off, yells “I hate you” and slams their door. I even know some adults who have tantrums! In…

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Parenting On The Difficult Days

positive parenting

It’s easy to be a parent on the days when things are good. You know those days where the children listen and don’t argue with you. Chores get done, you aren’t running late. No-one is fighting, there is no whining. You get to have a shower by yourself and go to the bathroom uninterrupted and even…

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The Resilient Mum

resilience as a parent

There’s a lot of information out there about how to, and the importance of raising resilient children. I agree to this completely and add that equal importance has to be paid to mums, as a resilient mother has the strength to cope and manage with the challenges of parenting with ease and grace. Psychological resilience…

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Lost your mojo?

lost-in-thought-woman-1431909-1279x850 emotional coaching

Have you ever lost your Mummy Mojo? We’re now into February and for those of your with older kids they’ve gone back to primary or high school and preschools are back. For some it’s time to take stock and relax a little without the kids being under foot constantly, or perhaps it’s just speeding up…

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Do You Really Know Who You Are?

emotional coaching for mums

Welcome to 2016!! Let’s start the year getting clear on YOU!! Here’s the second installment in a two part blog series by Michèle Jabre… Enjoy!   I am frequently surprised to hear some people say that they don’t really know what they would like to do or what they really think about something, they even…

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Indulge In Your Feminine Energy

Shutter Stock

I would like to introduce you to  Michèle Jabre… She and I are collaborating on some coaching programs together and this is one in a series of guest blog posts. Enjoy! xo H   

Chinese culture teaches us that each one of us is driven by an energy that can be positive or negative, calm or excited,…

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What’s The Point Of Research Without Support?

A Mother's Love

I was very interested earlier this week when an article reflecting the latest research regarding the ineffectiveness of spanking, timeouts and sleep training was released. You can read the article here. I agree 100% with everything in the article. The old discipline models are not effective, and that is for many reasons. However what this…

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Celebrating Birth

Just Born

Today is the 2nd birthday of my youngest daughter, Miss S. At 7:55 on this day in 2013 she entered this world. It was an amazing day. An elective induction for social reasons – I had to ensure that I had care for my eldest daughter during the 4 days I would be in hospital,…

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Managing Unwanted Parenting Advice

Parenting Advice

During a session last week with a client a mum was getting really upset because she felt continuously judged by others, especially her extended family because they, in her words “always sticking their noses” into her and her husbands business. It was a problem for her because having the constant advice was  creating feelings of…

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