Calm Mummy Challenge 1 - Calm Mummy Challenge

Discover How To Turn Your Days From "Stressed" To Calm


Join me, along with other awesome Mum's from the Blissed Out Mums tribe, and together, over 5 days you'll discover how to take confident steps to become a calmer mummy!

How Does It Work?

I'm now running the challenge all the time which means you don't have to wait to access it! Each day of the challenge is another theme, building on the previous day and all work together to help you stop yelling. The challenge includes:

  • Relaxation techniques - How to use them to calm down "in the moment" so you can feel better in an instant!
  • Meditation for mums - When you understand the power of simple meditation you'll love how easy it is to bring this into your days
  • Motherhood Clarity - When you know what type of mum you want to be, and how to act that way, parenting is easier for you, your kids get more out of it and everyone feels a lot happier

At the end of the 5 days you'll have a plan to make your parenting easier, more enjoyable AND more effective.

The challenge is great fun and I'm really looking forward to supporting and guiding you through the different themes.

There is also a private Facebook group of mums who have previously gone through the challenge as well as those joining you right now. You will ALWAYS be supported in a loving and 100% non judgemental group with (no mummy guilt allowed!) not only by myself but by mums learning and growing at the same time as you.

So don't wait and don't miss out! Let's get calm together with the Calm Mummy Challenge!

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It's Time to Become the Type Of Mum You Want to be Today