How Can I Help You?

If you need help with life, your kids and being a busy mum, you're in the right place!

Have you ever wanted to have a quick chat with someone about parenting your kids, but never got the chance?

Or perhaps it's just been something that you wished and hoped would get better, but in reality (and behind the mask), nothing changed and some days it feels like it's gotten worse? Have you ever felt ashamed to admit that you're struggling?

Want to discuss what's really going on for you and your family at the moment and create a plan to help get you rapidly moving towards your dreams?

It’s time to have a conversation about it AND get some solutions, no more struggling on by yourself, hiding behind the mummy mask.

Things I love to help mums with are:
* Sibling Rivalry
* Managing tantrums vs meltdowns
* Helping improve communication - aka getting your child to listen!
* How to be calm and stop yelling
* Finding fulfillment in your identity as a mum including mental health support
* And of course how to foster a connection with your child so that you can have the best relationship possible and so much more.


Having come out the other side of PND and having done it within and outside of the traditional “system”, as a registered nurse, mother of three and business owner, I know that even one conversation can make all the difference.

Coaching isn't counseling or therapy. We don’t need to sit in the pain, my goal is to provide you with proactive tools to get you and your family to where you want to be: faster!

Life's too short to be unhappy and our kids grow up too fast for us to not really enjoy being a mum.

If you want to be the best mum that you can be, the mum that your children deserve to have and if you want to be truly happy and joyful even in the hardests of parenting moments, the let me help.

Whether you're a stay-at-home mum, work full time or part-time and regardless of age of your child (or children), my coaching is designed to suit your needs. We are all so different and unique, yet the common struggles of being a mum and parenting our little ones can bond us together. It means that while we may feel alone, we never truly are.

There are different options of coaching available from group online programs through to intensive VIP packages. Have a read and if you'd like to have a chat about signing up, or anything else then click the contact me button on any of the pages, pop your details in and I'll give you a call.

I look forward to being an honoured part of journey to get your parenting back on track.

Heather Lindsay Parenting Coach

Still unsure if coaching is the right thing for you?

Let me explain what it is and how it works in this article I wrote:

Life Coaching For Mums