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SuperMum Monthly is a series of online positive parenting solutions...

Designed by a mum, for mums!

You can’t make things easier at home without new strategies, techniques and mentorship.

Every month, I will teach you what personal and parenting habits to adapt, what research based child raising strategies to use, what I'm teaching her personal coaching clients, what’s areas of my own family life I'm focusing on, and so much more.

Everything I teach is research based, positive parenting strategies that are known to not only positively benefit your child's mental and emotional health, overall wellbeing and their development but also make YOUR life happier!

I don't teach anything that I don't use myself, or wouldn't use with my kids. And honestly, my three are usually the guinea pigs for everything because if I can't find a way to make a technique work, then I don't share it!

Topics Will Include:

Sibling Rivalry

Ending Homework Arguments

Discipline Techniques

Managing Sleep Patterns In Children

Setting Limits & Boundaries

Tantrums In All Ages Of Children

Ending Mealtime Battles: Encouraging Healthy Eating Patterns

And much much more! You can get in contact with Heather and suggest a topic at anytime!

Here's What You're Getting When You Join SuperMum Monthly Today...

LIVE monthly positive parenting workshops and Q&A sessions with Heather.

Each month, Heather will help you reach:

  • Higher levels of confidence with parenting your children
  • Greater control over your family dynamics,
  • Improved performance as a mum as well as greater satisfaction from being a mum.

You'll always have access to the replays too, which are available in your private members area.

Don't forget some bonuses as well!

  • 100 - Positive Parenting:  Super Mum Monthly

    BONUS #1: Access To Communicating With Children Program ($97 Value).

    CCP is the exclusive online program helping you get your kids to listen. Over three weeks, you’ll learn new insights into how the way we talk to our children influences whether they listen and do what we need them to do. You’ll unlock the keys to how your child process information and how you can use this to your advantage to help improve cooperation in your family.

  • 100 - Positive Parenting:  Super Mum Monthly

    BONUS #2: Golden Healing Meditation.

    Download this meditation to create a relaxed state and stress free body and mind. Be guided through this Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) TimeLine meditation that uses the power of your unconscious mind to heal your past and prepare you for your future. Listen and achieve a state of being energised, calm and happy.

Only $29 per month!


If you don’t love the program, you’re free to cancel anytime. You can cancel any month and no future billings will occur. As long as you’re subscribed to the monthly program, you have access to the members area with all the resoures.

Let me train and guide you every month to be the best mum that you can be. You deserve to be the type of mum you’ve always dreamed of. Your kids deserve to have you at your best. Take action and sign up now to get access to the next training! You can reach another level of parenting success. Let me show you HOW. Join today!

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