"Why Won't My Kids Listen!"

Learn How To Get Kids To Listen!

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REVEALED: Read on below to find the magic wand that will solve all the communication problems in your family. Your kids will actually listen!

As a mum, you love your children so much. You want to be the best mum you can be, but communication is becoming a real problem.

It’s like the kids aren’t even listening to you. You’ll calmly ask them to do something, calmly repeat yourself a few more times… but they still don’t listen and nothing ever gets done. Then it escalates and you lose it. And then the guilt sets in.

You start questioning your parenting skills and wonder whether or not you’re doing a good enough job as a mum—whether you should even be a mum. But it’s that very guilt which makes you a good mum. A bad mum wouldn’t even care. You just need to learn effective communication techniques.

The Communicating with Children Program will fix all of this!

With this program, the entire communication process with your child is deconstructed. You’ll learn why your child doesn’t listen to you, how your child communicates, and how you can overcome the communication difficulties.

After completing the program, you’ll never struggle again with getting your kids to follow your orders. You’ll never struggle again with getting your kids ready for school or with the ever-challenging bedtime routine.

You’ll create a cohesive family environment where everyone listens, communicates well, and promptly completes their daily tasks, so you can spend more quality time together as a family and less time arguing and fighting.

Imagine that for a second… What would it be like if your children actually listen to you? What would that feel like? How will your family be different? How much more would you be able to achieve?

Here’s what the program will show you:

  • How your words and phrases influence what your children hear.
  • How communication is different through developmental stages—from babies to teenagers.
  • How communication styles differ based on the neurological processes of boys and girls.
  • How your children perceive the world—giving you vital keys on how to talk to them.
  • How to build rapport with your child. It might sound simple, but it’s essential for effective communication.
  • How to identify your child’s communication style. It’s like having insider information on how your child’s brain works.
  • How to effectively communicate with children who have learning disabilities to prevent you both from getting frustrated.

Get control of the communication in your household so you don't miss out on any more quality family time.

Discover How You Can Be An Awesome Communicator And Have Your Children Listen... Without Yelling!

Module #1 The Child's Model of the World

In this module, you’ll learn about child psychology and how they see the world. You’ll also learn the tricks of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and how you can use positive language to more easily communicate and get results from your child.

Module #2 Rapport

Building rapport is essential in communication. When you’ve developed a rapport with your child, they’re much more likely to listen—and understand—what you’re saying.

When you learn these quick and easy psychological skills, you’ll make the entire communication process a whole lot easier. The Rapport Module will allow you to see changes in the communication process very quickly… instead of never.

Module #3 Communication Styles

Many people know about different learning styles. But it’s less known that people also have different communication styles. These differing communication styles are often the biggest roadblock for effective parent-child communication.

As part of the Communication Styles Module, you’ll learn how to correctly identify your child’s communication style (as well as your own), and how to adapt your language for more responsive cooperation and more effective parent-child communication.

In the Communication Styles Module, you’ll learn how to correctly identify your child’s communication style (as well as your own), and how to adapt your language for more effective cooperation and parent-child communication.

  • NLP and Children
  • Developmental Stages of Children
  • The Child's Model of the World
  • Observing Children
  • Developing Rapport with Children
  • Identifying Your Child's Communication Style - Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic or AudioDigital
  • Learning Issues and Communication Styles

How Does The Program Work?

  • 3 modules run over 3 weeks
  • Lifetime access to the online membership site
  • Email support throughout the program
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Isn't it about time your family starts to run smoothly?

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Heather has always had a passion for helping people improve their lives and has been involved in taking care of others since she was 16. This passion for helping others led her to a career as a Registered Nurse.

Her life changed forever, however, after having two babies and becoming a single mum. What she experienced first-hand is what many other mums were also facing. She noticed how the other mums weren’t really enjoying the experience of motherhood either. How they often felt exhausted, overworked, resentful and unhappy.

Dissatisfied with the traditional medical model of psychotherapy and counselling for post-natal and parental depression, she felt the need to develop a different method for mums to achieve their motherhood goals and to regain their lost happiness.

She began training as a Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. This invaluable training led her to create a new programme for mums, Blissed Out Mums. The programme takes a holistic approach to parenting, incorporating the mum’s needs as well as their children.

As a parenting coach, she works directly with mums to help develop their parenting skills: She teaches them how to become a calm and patient parent, how to apply gentle and respectful parenting techniques, and how to effectively communicate with their children instead of yelling.

She also teaches mums about the importance of self-care and why their own health and welfare is essential for becoming the wonderful mums they want to be.