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We all know how frustrating it can be raising children. They often don’t listen, talk back to us, don’t do what we need them to do. On top of that the tantrums, the fighting, the whining. All while we’re exhausted, hungry and just want to sit down for 5 minutes without having anyone touch us or call out to us.

When we feel stressed about our lives, or about managing a particular part of our child’s behaviour, it can feel like we yell more often than we want to.

There are better ways to handle our general stress and parenting stress rather than yell at our children. Let me share 7 with you:


1. Stretch Your Body

Rather than keep up all the stress and negative energy inside you, take a few minutes and just stretch. If you’re at home try some yoga poses. If you’re out an about stretch your arms above your head and circle them down again opening your shoulders and chest.

2. Yell Alone

This is perfect while you are home. Pop out to the car or a bedroom with the door shut and just scream it out. Sometimes getting it out can be really beneficial, we just don’t want it directed at our kids.

3. Silent Scream

This can be great when you can’t leave your kids alone. Just open your mouth and scream, just without any sound. It’s great to feel the release of energy and tension within your head.

4. Journal It Out

This can be a wonderful technique rather than ruminating on your anger. Get your journal or a simple piece of paper and get it all out of you. Perhaps you can scrunch the paper up and throw it out, or put it in the toilet. Maybe you could burn it. Just don’t post anything on Facebook or send an angry text message until you’ve had the chance to calm down.

5. Mummy Time Out

Rather than put your child in time-out, go take 15 minutes for yourself. Pop down whatever task you’re doing, make sure the kids are safe and then go and look after you. Sit down. Have a cup of tea or something to eat. Regroup before coming back and addressing the anger.

6. Go Outside

Being outside in nature is one of life’s greatest stress reducers. Fresh air and sunlight (if available) recharge the body and the mind. When you’re cooped up inside or in the car then everything seems bigger than it actually is. 

7. Play Some Music

Music is the rhythm of life. It can lift us up, calm us down and every mood in between. With the blessings of smartphones, we can have music with us at all time. Whether it’s saved or via online streaming, there is no excuse to not plug into something that can help shift your mood in a matter of minutes.


These are 7 ways we can handle our anger in the moment. What about preventing it? How can we stop reacting with anger and be calmer in the challenging moments of parenting? On the 27th of February, I’m running a free webinar, 6 Steps To Be A Calm Mum, and I’d love you to join me. Click here to register and I can make sure a recording gets to you in case you can’t get there live. 

There are things you can do to help yourself feeling angry and snapping or yelling at your kids. 

Let me show you how.

Happy calm parenting!


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