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Are You Ready To Be A Calmer Mum?

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You try to be calm, but you end up screaming. 😩

You're trying not to lose it when you're not being listened to and disregarded. 😡

But it feels like it's the only way your kids stop and listen. 🤬

And after all of it, you hate yourself for it. 😭

The solution is to use a proven framework to help yourself be calmer...

Enter Calm July!

Evidenced based parenting solutions will help you put a plan into action to handle any behaviour problem from your child with ease and in a way that suits your family.

Calming strategies will help you reduce how often you yell AND help you deal with the everyday stressors of parenting and life.

Enhance the connection you have with your kids.

Have the type of family you've always dreamed of.

Be happy. Play more. Laugh more.
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Over 31 days, join Heather and other mums just like you and stop losing your temper and spend calm time with your family.

Through videos, worksheets and a supportive, judgement free Facebook group, make the changes you want to make.

Calm July is not a one size fits approach. Everyday I am in the group helping you make this work for you and your family.

Reduce your stress, be happier and be the best mum you can be.

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What Does Calm July Cover?

  • Stress Management For Mums
  • Guilt Free Self-Care
  • Feeling Good About Being A Mum
  • Overcoming Negative Influences From Your Childhood
  • Practical Positive Parenting Techniques
  • Disciplining Without Yelling
  • How To Improve Family Communication
  • Teaching Children Emotional Regulation
  • Family Meetings & Parenting Plans

$31 for 31 Days

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I've been helping mums be calmer for over 5 years. As a mum of 3 young kids, I know how hard this parenting gig is. After working with hundreds of clients through my coaching practice, Blissed Out Mums, I was inspired to create a solution.

That solution is Calm July.

The program that any mum could use to help her stop yelling and enjoy being a mum more. I know it can do this for you too!

If you're still wondering if this is for you, then get in contact with me and we can have a chat.

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For Just $1 Per Day

Have the calm and happy family you have always wanted.

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