The Talking To Kids Program

Learn How To Talk To Your Kids So They Listen The First Time!

Children Don't Listen To You?

Talking To Kids teaches you everything you need to know about talking to kids and why they don't listen and how to change that.

It is possible to get children to listen to you, the first time!

The Talking To Kids consists of three online modules delivered through videos, worksheets and real life case studies.

With non-judgemental support throughout you can make changes immediately to have a home where everyone listens.

Module #1: Speak

The first module in this course is all based on understanding why our children don't listen. It's not because they simply don't care or are trying to be annoying, but that their young brains can't understand the way us adults talk. If we tailor the way we speak to them then SUCCESS! They listen!

Module #2: Connect

Helping our children listen is as much of an art as it is a science. Being able to connect with them helps you get your message across the first time and help them do what you need them to do.

It's more than being present or physically next to your child. The specific words we speak and the way we speak make or break how easily our child listen to us. This module will teach you those exact words and phrases.

Module #3: Understand

We all have different communication styles. When we know our child's, and ours, it's a road map to how their brain works. This module provides you with the GPS directions to help you reach your goal of your child listening to you every time you speak.

Real-life examples will help you tailor all the information in this program to you and your child. This will enable you to use your learnings tomorrow…instead of never.

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Full Program Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of the Talking To Kids Program.

  • The Communication Model and how it impacts how our kids hear our message.
  • How communication differs depending our child's developmental stage - from baby to teenager.
  • How gender impacts the way our child interprets messages.
  • Developing deep connection with your child to help them listen.
  • The words that empower our child to do what we need them to do.
  • How to enhance the relationship you have with your child so they want to listen to you.
  • The difference between the different communication styles.
  • What a visual, kinaesthetic, auditory and audio-digital communication style looks like in our child and ourselves.
  • How to put it all together and create a plan so that this program makes the difference in your family that you want and need it to!

Join The Course Today Only $24

Access to the Talking To Kids Program is for life. Why? Because we have to talk to our kids their entire life! The struggles we face with a toddler are different to those when our kids are teenagers.

I want to make sure that you can turn back to it as your child grows and develops so that you don't think to yourself, "it's just not working anymore, what do I do now?"

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6 Steps To Listening Kids Webinar Recording

Practical language techniques you can use immediately to help your child listen to you today.

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