Circle Of Security Parenting™ Online Course

Supporting & Strengthening The Parent-Child Relationship

Presented by Parenting Coach, Registered Nurse & Mum of 3, Heather Lindsay

Circle of Security Online Course Blissed Out Mums - Circle of Security Training

What is Circle Of Security Parenting™?

A child with a secure relationship with their parent is a child who thrives. They experience happier times with their parents and feel less anger towards them.

Secure children have higher self-esteem and are kinder to those around them.

They get along better with their brothers and sisters. They calm down quicker from tantrums and can manage their emotions. They turn to their parents for help and are confident exploring their world.

These skills start when our kids are young and last them a lifetime.

Circle of Security Parenting™ is an 8-week program based upon decades of research that uses a real world model to help you develop a secure relationship with your child.

It helps you to see your child's behaviour as a reflection of their needs, and how to support these needs during the easy times and the hard times.

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How Does The Course Work?

Circle of Security Parenting is an innovative, research based program that improves the development and behaviour of children by strengthening the parent-child attachment.

The COSP Course runs over 8 weeks for 60-90 minute sessions. The content is delivered through video and discussion between parents.

There are two ways of completing the COSP: Individual 1:1 sessions or via a group program

The preferred way to attend the COSP program online is via an individual session. This allows for a full exploration of the content as well as tailoring it to your family through more detailed discussions. For some parents who are concerned with privacy, a 1:1 format is a perfect option. Also, there's no need to wait for the next course start date!

The second option for the online COSP is through a group format. Sessions are limited to 5 participants (including Heather as your facilitator). Discussions between different parents are often helpful for helping you not feel alone in your struggles and strengths of being a parent. Courses do fill up quickly and you may have to wait for the next one.

To register for the 1:1 please email Heather at to confirm availability. The registration fee is $420

You can register for upcoming online COSP group through this website below. The registration fee is $280

The registration fee includes each session, downloadable workbook and email support between sessions. Both the 1:1 format and group programs have payment plans available (3% admin fee applies).

A certificate of completion will be available at the end of the course if needed (e.g. family court, custody arrangements and employment).

Is Circle Of Security Parenting™ About Being Perfect?

Absolutely not! Circle of Security Parenting™ is about being good enough. You are good enough! Parenting is hard work, the toughest job out there. As parents we all have the best intentions, we all make mistakes and it is NEVER too late for change!

Having a secure relationship with our children is about learning from our mistakes rather than striving to get it right. After all, our kids will learn from their mistakes from learning from ours. Circle of Security Parenting ™ gives parents the roadmap to creating a relationship with their child that will benefit them their whole life.

Can My Partner / Husband  & I Do The Program Together?

ABSOLUTELY! It is perfect when both parents (including step-parents) do the Circle of Security Parenting™ course. Being on the same page with strategies and a new way of seeing the struggles of parenting with your partner or husband makes family life much easier.

The registration fee for a partner / husband is 50% of the full registration fee. Please contact Heather directly to organise this.

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Are The Sessions Recorded?

To protect the privacy of parents and for copyright of the course videos, each session will not be recorded. If you can't make a session, please let Heather know as soon as possible. A quick run down of the information missed may be available before the next session.

What Time Are The Sessions?

As mums we live busy lives. The Circle Of Security course run by Blissed Out Mums runs in the evening from 8pm, AEST / Sydney time. There are a variety of dates available throughout the year so keep an eye out for the upcoming trainings for 2022 below.

The 1:1 COSP course is available throughout the week including daytime and evening sessions. Contact Heather to confirm availability.

Upcoming Trainings for 2022

April - Wednesday 8pm (AEST)  - NOW FULL

6/4, 13/4, 20/4, 27/4, 4/5, 11/5, 18/5, 25/5

May - Dates Yet To Be Confirmed

If you would like to attend a course outside of these times then please contact Heather directly at to discuss the 1:1 program.

Future dates and registration options will be added as 2022 progresses.

Circle of Security Course Registration

Pop your details in to register for an upcoming Circle of Security Course and I will get in contact with you ASAP. 

privacy - Circle of Security Training I value your privacy and would never spam you

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