Positive Parenting Case Studies

All names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals & their family

Danielle: 5 Year Old Daughter Always Says No

Here's Danielle and her two children - a 5 and 2 year old.

Danielle and her husband moved to Australia from the UK one year ago.

Her husband works very long hours and is often away 6 days a week.

Daniella works 2 days a week in an office role.

She is concerned with her 5 year old always saying 'No' and will not contribute to the household. She feels that she always has to yell in order to be listened to and is trying to change.

She feels that she has done something wrong and often blames herself for her daughters behaviour.

Danielle wants to love being a mum.

She wants her daughter to feel like she loves her and doesn't want to be yelling at her.

She wants to be there, and be present and love her children without the stress.

The Plan:

A priority concern for Danielle was the relationship and communication she had with her 5 year old.

Because of this she chose to go through my self-study Talking To Kids Program

Over the next three weeks she went through the program, watched the videos and did the exercises.

We emailed a few times for some support and she reported that she had created an open line of communication with her daughter which meant she no longer felt like she was barking orders at her.

Things weren't perfect, but they were a lot better than they had been.

Danielle was excited for the future and told me she didn't feel like and awful mum any more.

Now that's a great outcome!