"Let me help you get your kids to listen so that you don't have to yell anymore"

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Hello! I'm Heather....

I've has always had a passion for helping people improve their lives and has been involved in taking care of others since I was 16. This passion for helping others led me to a career as a Registered Nurse where I specialised in Sexual Health & HIV Management.

My life changed forever, however, after having my eldest daughter and becoming a single mum while pregnant with my second daughter. What I experienced first-hand is what many other mums were also facing. I noticed how the other mums weren’t really enjoying the experience of motherhood either. How they often felt exhausted, overworked, resentful and unhappy.

I became dissatisfied with the traditional medical model of psychotherapy and counselling for my own post-natal and parental depression. I felt the need to develop a different method for mums to achieve their motherhood goals and to regain their lost happiness.

I began training as a Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. This invaluable training led me to create a new service for mums, Blissed Out Mums. I take a holistic approach to parenting, incorporating the mum’s needs as well as their children.

As a motherhood coach, I works directly with mums to help develop their parenting skills: I'll teach you them how to become a calm and patient parent, how to apply gentle and respectful parenting techniques, and how to effectively communicate with their children instead of yelling.

I'm also passionate about teaching mums about the importance of self-care and why their own health and welfare is absolutely essential for becoming the wonderful mums they want to be.

Where to now?? As of 2017 I've gone on and had my third child, this time as a single mum by choice. My life is where I want it to be, and so is my family. It's a wonderful feeling! Since Blissed Out Mums begun in 2014 I've helped over 1500 mums stop yelling at their kids, and that doesn't count my wonderful tribe who I love connecting with through Facebook.

I'd love you to join my tribe so please explore my website, learn so more about what I do, read my ramblings on my blog and connect with me on Facebook!

"Let me provide a place where you can be real about how you're feeling and take the first steps towards being the type of mum you want to be."

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