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6 Steps To Listening Kids Webinar

Is Your Child Not Listening?

Help Your Child Listen The First Time With 6 Simple Language Tools

Daughter not listening to mum Blissed Out Mums Webinar will help - 6 Steps To Talking To Kids Webinar

Is your child not listening to you?

Are you always frustrated with them because of it? Not sure what to do what to do?

You keep repeating yourself over and over until you end up yelling because it's the only way anyone listens. And the the guilt hits!

If only they listened like they should, it wouldn't have got that bad.

I mean, how hard is it for them to listen? We speak, they have ears, they should listen! It's incredibly frustrating, and very common.

Lots of kids don't listen, it hard to cope with but it's also normal.

Hearing us, understanding what we say and what we want them to do and why, can be hard for kids. This is why we need to change the way we speak to them so that this process is easier.

The 6 Steps To Listening Kids Webinar will give you practical strategies to help you speak to your child so they listen to you the first time, leaving you less frustrated, less cranky and with a more peaceful and happy home.


Blissed Out Mums Free Childhood Webinar - 6 Steps To Talking To Kids Webinar

Top three reasons to attend this live webinar:

  • Helping your child listen is possible.
  • You deserve not to be frustrated at your child not listening.
  • Helping your child learn to listen will help their mental and emotional development.

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