Positive Parenting Case Studies

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Jenny: Fears About Not Being A Good Mum

shutterstock 621516644 - Jenny Case Study - Fears About Not Being A Good Mum

She was 29 weeks pregnant when we started working together and had a 2 year old. She and her partner love being mums.

She enjoys the challenges of being a mum, watching her toddler grow, feeling the baby in her belly kick and roll over.

She's committed to building an emotional connection with her little people. But the juggling act is challenging and causing stress.

Her partner travels a lot and carries the financial load of the family while Jenny is home with the kids.

Jenny admits that she has unrealistic expectations of what she can achieve, and from her toddler's behaviour.

She fears she won't be a good mum, run a good household and be a good partner.

She used to be a highly paid career woman, a Type A personality.

Her toddler was a highly unsettled baby with reflux and food allergies.

Jenny is worried that this new baby is going to be the same and further place stress on herself and her relationship.

She came to me for coaching to help her address her expectations and manage her stress so that she's not scared of what could possibly happen with the new baby.

The Plan:

When we chatted Jenny and I uncovered that her expectations came from beliefs about parenting she developed when she was a child.

These beliefs were in conflict with how she wanted to be as a mum.

Over 2 sessions we cleared these beliefs through a combination of NLP practices and challenging thought practices.

We put together a plan for the remainder of her pregnancy including regular time out from her toddler so she can look after herself as well as connect with the baby.

I facilitated a session between her and her partner so that Jenny could tell her partner her fears and concerns and open the lines of the communication between them - Her partner didn't even know that Jenny felt this way!

We split the coaching sessions and Jenny saved some until after the babies birth (another boy).

He was unsettled but no reflux.

We worked together with relaxation and meditation techniques to help Jenny manage the stress and change in life that comes when you have a second child.

After our coaching her baby was 3 months old and Jenny felt that she was living up to realistic expectations that she set for herself and wasn't being unduly influenced by what happened to her during her own childhood, or by other friends and family.

She reported normal mood patterns and didn't feel overly stressed.

When things did go down hill or she felt overwhelmed, Jenny had the tools to help manage it without feeling like she was a bad mum.

It was a pleasure to work with Jenny and we still keep in touch.