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Have you ever lost your Mummy Mojo?

We’re now into February and for those of your with older kids they’ve gone back to primary or high school and preschools are back. For some it’s time to take stock and relax a little without the kids being under foot constantly, or perhaps it’s just speeding up – each day going quicker and quicker. However you experience your years, it’s very common to loose or have a reduction in your mojo, your drive or your energy for being a mum.

We all have it. It’s unrealistic to think that we can be ‘on’ 100% of the time. I’m currently recovering from an episode of gastro (thanks preschool!) and it’s definitely a sign that I need to just slow down a little bit and put a tad more focus back on me.

There are certain things that you can do to help yourself when you’re feeling a little be less that your normal self. Those moments when you feel you’ve lost your connection to being a mum, when it’s getting all too much and when you just feel like running away.  So I share with you my 10 tips to regaining your Mummy Mojo



  1. Take A Break

Now this may sound like a pipe dream, but if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and as if you’ve lost part of your passion then take it as a sign that you need to slow down. Perhaps ask your husband or partner to give you a few hours to yourself. Drop your kids over at a girlfriends house for a play date while you do something for yourself – you may find that other mums are more than happy to help out. We’ve all been there and you can return the favour when you’re back at your normal self. Maybe ask an extended family member to help out for an afternoon, your child’s aunt or uncle or perhaps their grandparents may like to spend some time doing something with your child. Give them the opportunity to help out.

Most people love to and are more than willing to help out mums, we just have to ASK!

2. Be Kind To Yourself

When was the last time you did something nice for yourself? Buy yourself some new clothes or new shoes (I love buying myself new shoes!). Get a massage or have a facial. If that isn’t in your budget there are lots of lovely bath products that you can get at the chemist for a reasonable price. Their are face masks or spa related products as well. Indulge in something for you. Have a bath, get a mani-pedi or go to the hairdressers.

You deserve to have nice things and do nice things for yourself too!

3. Connect To Your Why

Why did you become a mum? Why do you want to be the best mum that you can be? When we loose our passion we’ve often lost our connection to our big picture. You tend to get stuck in the day to day activities, forgetting why you want to do your best. Remember why spending quality time with your children and with your family as a whole matters too you. What are your goals for your family? What are you aiming for and trying to achieve? And WHY?

If you connect to this, and perhaps do some journaling about it, then you’ll find that spending that extra bit of time and effort isn’t too much any more.

4. Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Do you have a special friend who always lifts you up? Perhaps it’s time to call them and reconnect, have a chat or go visit them. People’s energy rubs off on others so surrounding yourself with positive people, positive mums will definitely help you get back on track.

Maybe read an inspirational book, listen to a podcast or watch some great videos on YouTube. I love the Ted Talks series, there’s always someone inspirational on there.

5. Decrease Pressure

When we loose our mojo we can have a tendency to become increasingly self-critical of ourselves. Now is the time to back off and realize that we can’t do everything and it’s unrealistic to think that we can. So that pile of laundry that you feel bad that you haven’t folded, just forget about it for a few days. Go back to it when you’re feeling better. The endless list of things on your to-do list, put them off for a few days. Prioritize and do only the things that are absolutely crucial for the day.

I love affirmations and when I want to help reduce the pressure on myself I say to myself “I give myself permission to relax / not do the laundry / not finish my to-do list”. Try it yourself. You’ll be amazed with how effective this can be.

6. Practice self-love

We spend so much time looking after everyone else that as mums we can have a tendency to forget about ourselves. I know that you love your kids, the fact that you’ve connected with me and my work means that you are committed to doing the best that you can for yourself and your children. But how much time do you spend loving yourself?

Doing all the things that I’ve suggested above are acts of self-love. There is also another affirmation that is great to say to yourself, and that is “I love and accept myself exactly as I am.” I’ve been saying this affirmation for probably the last 10 years now and it’s definitely my go to technique to increase the positive feelings I have about myself. Say it in front of a mirror regularly throughout the day and experience the effect it can have on your feelings about yourself.

7. Look After Your Health

Are you looking after your health? Your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health? We all need to have these areas of our lives in balance. Without them it’s an uphill battle to manage mummy stress. Make sure that you are eating healthy, balanced and nutritious meals. Go and do some exercise – cardio is great but some beautiful calming yoga can be wonderful for your body and mind.

Make sure that you’re getting quality sleep. Put your phone away before bedtime. Go to bed that little bit earlier. Take a nap. It’s hard to focus as a mum if you’re suffering from sleep deprivation so now is the time to do whatever you can do to support yourself by getting some well needed and well deserved rest.

8. Be Silly

When was the last time you let it all go? Go blow some bubbles. Go to the park with your kids and climb on the equipment with them, go down the slide! Play a silly game. Get your face painted. Jump on a trampoline or jumping castle.

The beauty about having kids around is have a free pass to being silly, no-one’s going to judge you, and who cares if they did! And as a bonus I know that you’re child would probably love their mum doing something silly with them.

9. Practice Meditation

I LOVE meditation. I could not survive my busy life without it. It’s a great technique to learn and a regular practice is achievable. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be able to sit for 30 minutes at a time, if you’re kids are awake and near by I doubt they’ll let you do it anyone! I know that you can take 2-5 minutes to just sit still and focus on your breathing. Don’t worry about doing any fancy techniques, just sit and be still.

Meditation has numerous documented benefits for both the body and mind. It reduces blood pressure, decrease stress, increase feelings of calm and promotes emotional stability and health. All things that are crucial to help a mum who feels like she’s lost her mojo, get back on track.

10. Go Outside

Fresh air and sunlight are so good for your health. Oxygen is crucial to the health of your body, sunlight decreases feelings of depression as well as helping your body synthesise Vitamin D, the hormone crucial to bone health. I know that this is 100% achievable, there is NO excuse not to go outside. Stand in your garden or on your balcony. Even better get out of your home, get away from the mess and anything that is contributing to you feeling less that your normal self.

Remember that Vitamin D needs UV rays, so don’t plaster yourself in sunscreen and go out in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun’s rays aren’t as strong. And only spend a short time. Getting sunburned is definitely not in your best interest!


So there you go, my 10 tips to help you get your mojo back! Remember that if you experience these feelings more often than not then perhaps it’s time to seek some help. Get in contact with me for some motherhood life coaching, speak to your GP or one of the nurses at your local early childhood health centre. Don’t put up with having less energy or not enjoying being a mum. You deserve better and there are plenty of people out there, especially myself, who would love to help you!

I can be contacted at heather@blissedoutmums.com.au or on 0432 936 867

And don’t forget the Blissed Out Mums Facebook group – Happy Mum = Happy Kids. It’s a wonderful free resource for you with daily themes and a group of beautiful mummies. I’m in there every day to guide you and answer any questions you may have. So click the link above and join me.

Have a beautiful day!




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