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Are You A Soon To Be New Mum?    Congratulations!!!

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Preparing To Be A Mum - The 2 Part Checklist:

You're so excited to be a mum! It's a wonderful feeling knowing that you are going to be bringing a special new life into this world.

There is A LOT to think about and at times in can be overwhelming. So that's where the New Mum Preparation Checklist comes in.

This FREE resource for you has all the information you need to get ready for your baby's arrival - birthing plans, the nursery, baby clothing & needs, sleeping & feeding.

With the checklist you have something that you can print out and refer to at anytime throughout your pregnancy and definitely in those last months where you're busy nesting!

You've be imagining and dreaming of being a mum and how it's going to go, so why not get it started off on the right foot!

But.... It is that that is only part of the puzzle.

Big changes happen when you become a mum... and every one says that no-one can truly explain it to you, you have to experience it.

The physical recovery from birth, sleep deprivation, constantly doubting yourself and worrying over your decisions, that overprotective mumma bear instinct and changes that happen with your partner, with your non-baby friends, with work. EVERYTHING changes!

And its TOTALLY normal, and to be expected.

The thing is that all the Googling, nursery planning or midwives / doctors appointments don't go far enough.

If you don't have YOU sorted, and as a priority you won't be able to cope with the changes that you are going to go through.

The hardest and thing that lots of mums struggle with is having the mummy mindset that will help you manage and overcome any of the normal and expected challenges of parenting.

There are certain things that you should think about BEFORE your bundle of joy arrives or ASAP after their beautiful arrival.

Who's going to do what, what's the plan for the baby and what's the plan for you as parents. These are VERY important questions.

So to make it easy for you I've created quick and easy cheatsheet with the exact questions you can use to ensure you are 100% prepared!

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What It Includes:

  • Preparing your birth plan
  • What do you need for the nursery and for your baby
  • Sleeping considerations
  • How will you feed your baby
  • Things to talk about with your partner / husband
  • Division of labour with baby care tasks
  • Planning for the post-partum period
  • Parenting styles including your values

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