Mummy Self Care

Anyone who knows me is aware of how I love my garden; even if I am a bit of a brown thumb.

I was working on all my pot plants on the weekend and I was reminded of a story my first coach, and the wonderful lady who trained me told me about her garden. She wanted a perfect instant garden but instead the ground was clay and it took months of digging in the right soil before planting the appropriate plants and waiting for it to grown into a beautiful garden.

My balcony is like that. I keep digging, cultivating good soil, choosing the correct plants and investing my time and energy into it.

As I was sweeping I thought about how motherhood is just like the garden – no euphemisms about vaginas or public hair though!!!

You have to invest in yourself, in your family. Surround yourself with supportive family and friends from which you can grow. Feed yourself good healthy, nourishing food. Be out in the sunshine and enjoying nature. And look after your individual needs because each plant or flower is different.

And it is only when you do this that the flowers grow. This is when you blossom, when you grow. And this is when your children and family blossom!

Want the best for your kids? Grow yourself! Invest in yourself!

Make 2015 the year you bloom!!!


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