Eliminate Your Parenting Stress

Solve Your Kids Behaviour Problems & Love Motherhood Again

I see you there frustrated, stressed and angry. This being a mum gig isn't what you thought it was going to be.

It's really hard to admit when you're struggling, when the kids are stressing are constantly stressing you out. Finding yourself triggered, feeling like you're not a good mum, worried that you're reaching the end of your sanity.

You've tried so many solutions, none stuck around for the long-term. It just seems to be parenting groundhog day. You know things need to change but perhaps you're not sure how to with a sleep befuddled mind and lack of time.

You want to be happy, enjoy being a mum again. You want to be a safe place for your kids that they need and deep down you know you can be.

So What's The Solution?

The solution is here... And not in a corny kind of way. It's time to create a plan to get things back on track that fits your family.


Through proactive practical & effective positive parenting strategies to improve your child's behaviour, no matter the problem.

When you set up a consistent behaviour management plan you can improve even the hardest of situations. Aggressive kids, tantrums, sibling rivalry, no-one listening, whining, bickering... all of it can be improved, no matter how impossible it feels.

Knowing how to discipline your kids is all about being calm, connected and having a plan. Winging it day to day might seem easier, but it doesn't get the results you want and need! Let me help you tailor my 5 C's Discipline Framework to your child. Parenting isn't a one size fits all approach which is why 1:1 coaching is so powerful.

When we face problems in our family, we need to look within our self as well as to our kids.

Coaching helps you connect to be the type of mum you've always wanted to be. We plan so much when we fall pregnant and often forget about being clear on who we want to be, what lessons we want to teach our children and how!

The stress we experience as a mum isn't just improved by help our kids behaviour but through managing our own emotions. Relaxation and hypnotherapy works within, while we manage the external. It's hand-in-hand.