Parenting Coaching Sessions

Solve Your Kids Behaviour Problems & Love Motherhood Again

I see you there mumma, frustrated, stressed and angry. It's really hard to admit when you're struggling, when the kids are stressing are constantly stressing you out. Feeling like you're not a good mum, worried that you're reaching the end of your sanity.

You've tried so many solutions, none stuck around for the long-term. You know things need to change but perhaps you're not sure how to with a sleep befuddled mind and lack of time.

You want to be happy, enjoy being a mum again. You want to be a safe place for your kids that they need and deep down you know you can be.

Enter parent coaching at Blissed Out Mums.

What is Parenting Coaching?

What is parenting coaching Blissed Out Mums - Parenting Coaching Sessions

Parenting coaching helps you solve the problems you are having with your children through connection with your child.

Pro-active practical & effective positive parenting strategies improve your child's behaviour, no matter the problem.

It's not about fixing our children, it's about working out what is behind our child's behaviour, what they are trying to tell us and how we can help.

Regardless of what challenges you're facing; aggressive kids, tantrums, sibling rivalry, no-one listening, whining, bickering... all of it can be improved, no matter how impossible it feels.

It's all about being calm, connected and having a plan. Winging it day to day might seem easier, but it doesn't get the results you want and need! Parenting isn't a one size fits all approach which is why 1:1 coaching is so powerful.

When we face problems in our family, we need to look within our self as well as to our kids.

Parenting coaching helps you connect to be the type of mum you've always wanted to be. We plan so much when we fall pregnant and often forget about being clear on who we want to be, what lessons we want to teach our children and how!

The stress we experience as a mum isn't just improved by help our kids behaviour but through managing our own emotions. Relaxation and hypnotherapy works within, while we manage the external. It all goes hand-in-hand.

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How Does It Work?

Coaching sessions are available as stand alone sessions or through on going coaching packages. For parents in the Sydney metropolitan are, in-home support sessions are available.

Sessions are available via phone or Zoom and are tailored to the individual needs of the family and may include topics such as:

  • Managing parenting stress
  • Childhood behaviour problems
  • Adjusting to the role of being a mother
  • Post-natal depression
  • Co-parenting & step-parenting families
  • Creating of parenting plans
  • Overcoming generational parenting patterns
parenting coaching online Sydney - Parenting Coaching Sessions

How Much Are The Sessions?

1:1 Coaching Sessions (60 minutes) - $175.00

Sessions combine practical coaching strategies along with positive parenting techniques to help make change in the quickest amount of time.


3 Month VIP Coaching Package - 3 Payments of $297.00 ($891 or $800 paid up front)

This 6 session package is run fortnightly over 12 weeks. It includes 6 x 60 minute support sessions held via phone, Zoom or in-person (Sydney Metro location).

Prior to commencing the package, a plan is made to achieve the goals of the parents around any aspect of parenting, childhood behaviour and family life. Topics are tailored to the client with specific milestones agreed upon. These will be used as a marker for the success of strategies ensuring by the end of the 3 months, the goals of parents are achieved.

In addition to the 6 sessions; phone, Facebook Messenger (via the Blissed Out Mums Facebook Page) and email support is available between each session. This high level of support enables parents to seek help without having to wait till the next appointment. Support is available between 8am-10pm AEST. A fair-go policy applies.


Post-Natal Depression & Parenting Depression Support - 8 Payments of $150.00 ($1200 total, or $1080 paid in full upfront)

Support for parents suffering from parenting depression or post-natal depression & anxiety is provided in a set 8 week coaching format. This involves 8 weekly 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions and addresses the experience of depression for parents. Email support is available between sessions with a fair-go policy applying.

Although sessions may touch on challenges that parents experience with their children, the primary focus is on alleviating depression and anxiety symptoms. Additional sessions are available to address childhood behaviour and struggles with parenting.

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Sessions can be attend by one or both parents. When both parents or caregivers are on the same page working towards the same goals, the greatest level of success is achieved. Please let Heather know prior to sessions that a second parent is attending so that the time can be tailored to make the most of the time.

Online programs specifically addressing childhood behaviour without 1:1 support sessions including Circle of Security Parenting™ and Talking To Kids Online Program are available through the Blissed Out Mums website.

Payment for sessions are due at time of consultation and can be made securely via bank transfer, credit card or through PayPal. All prices are in Australian Dollars.

A discount is available for single-parent pensioners with proof of health-care card or other identifying information. Families with the NDIS can also apply for a discount. Please contact Heather to discuss this.

Life with kids can be unexpected and it is understandable that session times made need to change. 24 hours notice is desired but things do happen at the last minute. Cancellations made with reasonable notice will have no charge. A fair-go policy applies and appointments cancelled within 2 hours (unless extenuating circumstances) with incur a 50% charge.

The privacy policy is available through this website or by contacting Heather.

Still Have Questions?

If you would like to have a chat about how parenting coaching can help you and your family then feel free to get in contact with me and share your challenges. My inbox is always open, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

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