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Life as a mum is busy! You’re looking after yourself, the kids, your partner or husband, the household, work, relationships with friends and family… the list is endless! It can be really hard to find time in your day for yourself or for quality time with your kids. The demands on us are not miraculously going to disappear, nor will some singing Disney animals be joining us for our household chores!

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So what do we do? Just put up with it, constantly wishing that we had more time and feeling stressed because of it? Nope! You deserve to not be rushing around, stressed, overwhelmed and wishing for more time.

To help you achieve a state of being a blissed out mum, here are 9 parenting hacks to help you get more time in your day.

1. Learn To Say No

Saying yes too often is a habit that many of us as mums fall into. We want to be helpful, we want to be involved but when we say yes because we feel obligated to, it robs us of our time. It decreases the time we can spend looking after ourselves and connecting deeply with our kids or partner.

Learning to say no (without the guilt!) allows us to say yes to the things that really matter to us and help us be the type of mum we want to be.

2. Cull Your To-Do List

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How long is your to-do list? Never ending? Are you a mum who writes things on her to-do list even if she’s done them, just to get the good feeling that comes with crossing it off?

If we have too much on our to-do list then we can feel overwhelmed and stressed.

A to-do list should only include your 3 most important tasks of the day and never add things just to cross them off! By most important task I mean those things that must be done that day, they are an ABSOLUTE PRIORITY for you and your family.

By keeping your to-do list to 3 tasks you will increase the chance that you’ll achieve them and then be able to have the free time you desire.

3. Delegate

It is impossible for you to do everything in your house. Even if you could do it all physically, mentally and emotionally you’ll suffer and then your kids will suffer because you’ll take the stress out on them.

If you want to find more time in your day, it’s time to delegate! Get your kids involved with age appropriate chores around the house. Same goes for your husband or partner. Set up a family meeting, discuss what needs to get done and together work out how you can achieve it.

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If your family is reluctant in helping out then set up some incentives. Perhaps it’s screen time for the kids or some pocket money. Linking chores to quality family time is a great way to get everyone working together.

4. Go To Bed Early

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Is a lack of sleeping robbing your of time with your kids?

Are you a mum who stays up late in the evening because it’s the only time you get to have to yourself? You’re not the only one! That time in the evening when the house is quiet is just bliss. But if you’re staying up too late then you’ll be feeling the effects of a lack of sleep the next day.

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This tiredness means you don’t have as much energy and things end up taking up longer time to achieve because you simply don’t have the energy.

Now I’m not saying you should go to bed as soon as the kids do. Instead, set yourself a bedtime (and stick to it!) so you have some time in the evening and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

If you do this consistently enough you’ll see the benefit it has for the quality of your sleep, and your energy the next day.

5. Put Down Your Phone

Did you know that the average mum checks her phone up to 150 times a day! 😳😳😳 That’s hours spent (and often wasted) on social media, browsing websites, email and aimless scrolling.

Our phones are our connection to the world, especially mums who are at home with their kids. Without jumping on Facebook mums can sometimes feel isolated and lonely.

It’s not about getting rid of our phone, just being strategic with its use.

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Set yourself a timer for how long you’ll be on social media. Create special no-phone zones e.g. the dinner table.

If you aren’t checking your phone all the time, you’ll be able to use that time to put towards quality time with your kids, looking after yourself or achieving those three most important tasks of your day.

6. Schedule Time In

If you’re looking to find more time in your day to spend it connecting with your kids, unless you make more time you’ll never truly find it. Scheduling time in with your kids means that you put it in your diary and make in a non-negotiable.

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It doesn’t have to be an hour or a huge block of time. Even 15 minutes of focused time with your kids (especially if you can get it 1:1) can help improve your connection with them. It can also help improve your child’s behaviour.

There’s a saying that if something isn’t scheduled, it doesn’t get done and I see that all too often with my clients.

If you want time with your kids, don’t leave it to chance.

7. Meditate

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This is me meditating when my son was still a baby… multitasking!

Meditation brings a sense of calm to our busy parenting lives. It helps us manage the stress that comes with raising children and helps us to be more present with our kids. If you’re struggling to find time in your day, I’d bet you’re feeling your fair share of stress.

When we’re stressed we don’t focus as well.

We can’t plan and execute things as efficiently.

Something that might take 5 minutes, ends up taking 15 or doesn’t get done at all and ends up making us more stressed. Meditation doesn’t have to be a scary thing for mums. Even the busiest of mums can meditate.

All you have to do is simply sit still for 5 minutes, it’s as easy and as complicated as that. Some days you’ll find it easy, other days you’ll be fidgeting and a mind full of thoughts.

Meditation is a practice, so start with 5 minutes and work up from there and experience how it decreases your stress, your feelings of overwhelm and allowed you more time

From Stressed Out Mum to Happy Connected - Parenting Hacks To Get More Time In Your Day

8. Stop Talking Bad About Time

Have you ever said or thought “There’s not enough hours in the day!” or “I don’t have enough time!”? I’m sure you have. When we talk negatively about time, we focus on our lack of time and then all we see around us is that lack.

When we change our perspective and start thinking positively, “I have enough time in every day”, we start to become aware of when we can find time.

It’s time to stop complaining and starting thinking about our lives in the way we want to experience them, not how we don’t want to.

9. Forgive Yourself

Mummy guilt is toxic! Not only does it make you feel awful about yourself, when you feel awful about yourself you’re not the best mum you can be, you may take it out on your kids and you’re certainly not the type of mum your kids deserve.

Repeat after me… there is no such thing as a perfect parent!

There will be days when you don’t do something, or you act in a way you wish you didn’t. The best gift you can give yourself is to forgive yourself. Not only will it help you feel better and less stressed but you won’t spend wasted time worrying about something that you did or didn’t do. You can move on, move forward with your life and spend that time on yourself or with your family that you want to.

Finding spare time as a mum can be tricky, but not impossible. We have a finite time with our kids until they are adults, 6,570 days to be exact. And we have a finite time on this Earth.

Don’t be one of those mums who when the kids moves out regrets that she didn’t make enough time for connecting with them. Start using these 9 parenting hacks and see how you can find more time in your day.

Do you have any tips for finding more time in your life as a busy mum? I’d love to hear them so comment below and share your parenting hack with us.

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