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Do you feel like you resort to yelling at your kids more than you want to? Use this hypnosis download to help yourself be calm and patient and stop yelling.


Use self-hypnosis to help you be the type of calm of mum that you want to be. 

Are you finding it challenging to stay calm with your kids, even when you know their behaviour is normal for their age?

Do you hate that you have to resort to yelling because you get so frustrated at the kids?

Are worried that you aren’t the type of mum that you’ve always wanted to be?

It’s always the same story – you start the day off all calm, but by mid-morning (if not earlier), you’ve already yelled and screamed at the kids and felt so guilty because of it. 

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Instead of being able to shrug it off as a bad morning and move on, it’s like a black cloud hanging over you. As the day goes on it just gets worse and worse. 

And by the evening once the kids are in bed, you’ve yelled even more and collapse in tears fearing that you’re a horrible mum who’s going to scar her kids for life. 

It wasn’t meant to be this way. You knew parenting wasn’t easy, but, feeling so angry all the time and yelling at your kids wasn’t the type of mum you thought you’d be. 

You know that your yelling is impacting your child, but you’re not sure how to stop it. 

You wanted to have a household where everyone got along. You want a deep connection with your child, a bond that will support those rough teen years.

How do we stop yelling at our children and be calmer?

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The key to stopping yelling isn’t by improving our child’s behaviour first, it’s about looking at ourselves and seeing how we’re influencing the situation.

If we look at ourselves and identify what within ourselves is causing us to react with frustration and anger towards the ones we love, then there is a great deal we can do to help us stop yelling at our children. 

Yelling at our kids is a habit. 

Whether we were yelled at when we were children and we’re following the same pattern, or if it’s just been a habit we’ve fallen into, it is possible to break that habit. 

Habits are run by our subconscious mind. Just like you no longer think about how to drive while you are driving, you yell at your kids without thinking to yourself “I’m going to yell at my kids now.”

Yelling at your kids no longer serves you and the type of mum that you want to be. 

In order to break the habit of yelling at our kids, we must work with our subconscious mind to break the patterns that we don’t even notice we are doing.

One fantastic way to do this is with hypnosis. 

This hypnosis download has been created to help you break the pattern of yelling at your kids by working directly with your subconscious mind to help you be the type of mum you want to be. 

This session will:

  • Motivate you to be a calmer mum with your children.
  • Teach you to respond calmly, with love, patience, and gentleness.
  • Break free of any influences, that cause you to yell at your kids.
  • Relax your mind and body, reducing your overall stress levels. 
  • Improve your enjoyment of life and being a mother.
  • Help you stop yelling at your kids and be the calm mum you want to be.
Download the Calm Mum Hypnosis session now and take the first step towards a calm household.


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