My Big Emotions


From A – Z, read together with your child to join them on their emotional development journey. Designed with bright and colourful pictures depicting common experiences that are familiar to children including feeling disappointed, lonely or excited, it is a delight to read for adults and children alike. The definitions included at the end of the book help to explain each of the emotions and facilitate ongoing conversations about the emotional experiences of life.


Emotions are a natural and normal part of life for both children and adults. Without the words to express how they feel, the process of learning how to regulate their emotions can be a bumpy road for children, and frustrating for parents! Using the ABCs, My BIG Emotions teaches children emotional vocabulary from Afraid to Zany.

The book is a delight to read for children of all ages. The bright and colourful illustrations link the emotions to common experiences of children.

Reading it together with your child, you can teach them creative ways to name their emotions, and how to understand the resulting feelings.

Definitions are provided for each of the 26 emotions to help parents set their child off on the journey of developing emotional regulation.

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