Resentment Free Motherhood


Are feelings of resentment causing you to be disconnected with your child? Use this hypnosis session to let go of resentment towards your family and be an overall happier mum.


Use hypnosis to help you remove feelings of being unappreciated and resentful of your life. 

Do you feel underappreciated by your children, your partner, husband, family or friends?

Is resentment causing you to not be motivated to do anything for your family?

It’s a common story with mums; feeling that whatever you do isn’t appreciated, especially if you don’t feel your actions are even acknowledged. 

It builds through the days, the weeks, the months. Until you wake up one morning and think to yourself “Why do I even bother”.

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Resentment is complex. It often starts with unresolved emotions, particularly anger and feelings of injustice. 

It doesn’t just go away one day, people can hang on to resentment for years, and this is really bad news for mums. 

The most common cause of resentment in mums is feeling underappreciated for everything that they do around the house as well as their daily sacrifices, for their kids, for their husband and partner. 

Why Is Letting Go Of Resentment Important?

Our children often don’t appreciate what we do because they are incapable of being able to see the big picture. They don’t understand the responsibilities that we have. 

But what about your partner or husband? Surely they should understand? But often they don’t.

The key to reducing feelings of resentment towards your family is first by feeling appreciative of yourself and everything that you do. 

When you acknowledge and recognise your own achievements, other people in your life will follow suit. 

It’s important to let go of anger and resentment because holding resentment can affect the relationship you have with your child

No child wants to have a mum who holds onto mistakes from their past. No child, partner or husband wants mum to snap at them one day and say “It’s all your fault that you didn’t help me”.

Breaking free of resentment means that you can be present with your children as you are no longer living in the past, constantly repeating your mind something your child did in the past. 

It means that you will feel a deep connection with your children, regardless of how they respond to what you do for them and around the family home. 

Letting go of resentment means that you can be a happier mum. 

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How Can We Remove Resentment From Our Life?

Since resentment starts with the way we are thinking about what happens in our lives, hypnosis is an excellent tool to change our thought patterns and break free from resentment. 

This self-hypnosis download session has been created to help you remove resentment from your life and feel a deeper connection with your child. 

This session will:

  • Help you feel appreciative and grateful for everything you do for your family.
  • Help you use any feelings of resentment in a positive way
  • Relax your mind and body, reducing overall stress levels
  • Create a deeper connection between you and your child
  • Let go of any resentment you have for your children or other important people in your life
  • Improve your enjoyment of life and being a mother.
Download the Resentment Free Motherhood hypnosis session now and take the first step towards a more enjoyable time as a mum. 


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