Positive Parenting Case Studies

All names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals & their family

Rebecca: Post-Natal Depression & Children Ignoring Her

Rebecca Case Study - Rebecca Case Study - Post-Natal Depression and Children Ignoring Her

Meet Rebecca. She has two children, a 9 year old girl and now a 1 year old son.

She came to me because she yells after she asks her daughter 10 times for the same thing to be done and she finds herself "being ignored".

She had very bad PND after having her daughter and she doesn't want to be yelling at her and is hating herself for doing it.

Now that her son is 1, she doesn't want to repeat this same behaviour as he's becoming more active.

She's aware that her daughter is copying some of her behaviours and yells a lot.

Rebecca wanted to work on 3 things with me:

  • Healing the relationship with her daughter and bringing them closer together
  • Communication skills between the family especially how Rebecca can get her daughter to do something and help out without repeating herself
  • Planning for how she can respond to her son without yelling

Our coaching plan was this:

Session 1:

Full family history & plan assessment

Session 2:

Clearing guilt related to her experience of PND

Fostering connection with pre-teens

Session 3:

Communication skills for pre-teens & toddlers

Session 4:

Joint session with Rebecca and her husband - creating parenting plan with behaviour strategies

Session 5:

Calm parenting strategies & anger management skills for Rebecca

Session 6:

Future goal planning for the family

Assessment of coaching outcomes


This took 3 months and it was done!

Rebecca achieved the outcomes that she wanted for her family and herself with my support and I couldn't be more proud! In her words:

"Thanks so much Heather! You made it seem so easy, and it was!"