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If ONLY you could stop yelling at your kids!! The stress of raising kids can be amazing some days. Feeling like you’re always cranky and overwhelmed. The constant fighting from the kids is enough to make you feel that you’ve had enough, and you’re ready to walk. The feeling that you’re a horrible mother comes up too often and you hate yelling at your kids.

It happens to all of us. There are only so many sleepless nights, constant calls for ‘mum’, whinging and whining we can stand before we are pushed too hard and we snap.

The question is then, what do we do about it?

Discover How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids

These are four steps I coach mums on that helps improve potential bouts of yelling:

1. Take A Mummy Time-Out

We all need some downtime. Even the most loving and committed mother needs a little time to herself. On those days when every button of yours is being pushed and it feels like your child is defeating you, you must take a break! Even 15 minutes to sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee is essential. The laundry can wait. The kids can watch some TV. Your to-do list can wait. If you don’t look after yourself then you can’t look after your kids to the level that you want to. Don’t forget to reach out to get some help from those around you who love and support you.


2. Get Some Perspective.

Your child is a child, not an adult. It seems simple but remembering this is crucial. They can’t always play nicely with their sibling because they don’t know how to negotiate. They need to call your name seemingly endlessly because they are totally dependent upon you. They don’t always listen because they haven’t correctly heard you. Understanding childhood development and why kids do what they do is an essential part of being a parent. It doesn’t mean that our kids won’t act up. It means that we can remind ourselves that it is normal and that it is not due to a ‘failure’ on your part (essential for getting rid of that mummy guilt!).


3. Get A Positive Parenting Plan

If you are struggling with your child’s behaviour, then you must have a positive parenting plan. Sit down and work out how you will manage the tantrums, the lying, the whinging and the aggression. Write it down on paper and work out what you will do and say, when and why and what any natural consequences will be. Then, put it up in a visible area of your house so that when your child starts to act out, you can turn to your plan and be in control, rather than being in your head and controlled by your emotions.


4. Use Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques, particularly breathing techniques work. They help calm the body and get us out of the fight-or-flight (aka stress) response. Taking some deep breaths before responding and acting in response to our child, is the simplest step in the process of stopping yelling at your kids.


If you’ve ever thought about getting some help to improve your childs’ behaviour and stop yelling then I invite you to pop over and download my free 90-second mini-meditation for mums. You can use it in the moment to help you calm yourself down so you can be the type of mum you want to be.

If you’d like some targetted help to fix your yelling once and for all then let’s jump on the phone and have a quick 15-minute session to see how I can help you. Send me an email at or text me on 0432 936 867. 

You can develop skills that help you to learn how to stop yelling at your kids. I’m a mum, I’ve been there, I’ve yelled and I’ve successfully stopped by using the techniques I teach. If you need help, some extra guidance, then I’m here for you, just reach out.

I believe in you!


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