Do you meditate? Use mantras? Affirmations?

I love meditation. However most days I’m running around so much that I don’t get a chance to sit down until late evening and usually I just fall asleep! I use the 90 second meditation that I created at lot (find it on my page here). But I’ve been working to try and find a meditation or relaxation technique that I can use with my girls.

Here is where the om mantra has come in.

I love yoga and I particularly love the class ‘om’s. The sense of peace that it brings to my body, to my mind and to my soul is quite profound. Its sound and its vibration creates a sense of being at one with the universe. It is a hymn in itself and divine mantra in Hinduism.

Peace. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create a state of peace when our kids are running around? When they are starting to get stressed out, when we are starting to feel stressed out? How can you do it quickly? And how can you incorporate them? Chanting.

I’ve been out all morning with my girls, the beach and then the library. By the time we finally got home it was lunchtime but first we took the garbage down and hung a load of laundry. By the time we came back upstairs Miss 1 was starting to get unsettled and Miss 3 was talk talk talk in between whinging. This had to stop. And it had to stop FAST!

So there we were standing in the kitchen, waiting for water to boil to cook some pasta and I started chanting ‘om’. I said it one, slowly and with purpose, relaxing my breath and my body as we went. I got my girls attention. Miss 3 then corrected me saying I wasn’t doing it properly and chanted it herself, and she was pretty good. Don’t know what I was doing wrong though! Then to my surprise Miss 1 who was in my arms, settled on my hip made a similar sound to om. Wasn’t quite there but had a round o sound and was deep – distinguishable from the ma and ba that she’s been practicing so much.

This whole thing took about 30 seconds, maybe a minute. And the whining stopped. I felt calm. Miss 1 had stopped crying. Miss 3 actually sat down and took her shoes off after being asked multiple times already to do it. And I got on with making lunch.

There were no arguments with lunch. No tantrums. Everyone was happy and calm.

Yes it could have all been coincidence but I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. So the next time I’m getting stressed and so are the girls it will be ‘om’ to the rescue.

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