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The last couple of days around here have been so busy. I’ve been running around catching up after jet lag, birthday parties, ballet lessons, swimming, laundry, shopping etc… You know the deal! When you’ve got so much to do it is so easy to loos track of where you are and be less than patient with your child/ren.

Unfortunately the kids don’t know how busy we are. They see their mum running around, getting them in and out of cars but they don’t have the cognitive processes to comprehend what’s going on. They’re not exactly able to work with us. So often there is an increased frequency of challenging behaviour.

There is another tantrum when getting them into the car and out of the car and then back into the car. Having to have a healthy lunch before we leave. Or just making sure they stay awake in the car so it doesn’t mess up their sleep pattern at night.

The pace of modern life and normal childhood development doesn’t always work well. So we prepare to prevent the meltdown for the child. We take snacks, iPads, loveys and travel only at specific times.

But what about for mum?

I think all mums should have a mum rescue pack. When you start to feel like you’re getting irritated with whats going on, feel like your going to snap, or just when you start to yell. If you have this in your car, in your handbag or the nappy bag you’ll be able to look after YOURSELF as well.

This is what I want you to have in there:

  • Water bottle – never underestimate the power of water for making you feel better
  • Face wipes / nappy wipes – not for nappy change time but for you to wipe your face, hands, under arms, feet or anywhere else that can feel all yucky
  • A healthy snack – can be a protein bar, nuts, piece of fruit etc… (I love a few bliss balls personally)
  • Clean pair of underwear / sock – a change of intimates can make you feel so much better!
  • Small toothbrush, hand cream (the ones sold in travel packs are perfect)

This doesn’t have to take up much space. If you really want to make it special you can go online and order a personalised lunch bag with mummy rescue on it!

If you do things for yourself while your rushing around it puts the focus back on you. You don’t have to feel like your just running errands for the household or taking the kids somewhere or whatever else you’re doing.

Dehydration and low blood sugar are going to make you cranky. You body is telling you that it needs to be looked after – so do it! As for the change in underwear, I just personally think this is a nice thing especially in hot weather. And a toothbrush and hand cream can just be a little extra thing for you. We always feel better once we’ve brushed our teeth. Be alert to the fact that if your skin is feeling a little dry make sure it isn’t dehydration or sunburn.

If you have this that you can turn to, I promise it will make all the difference. And most of all its a demonstration that YOU MATTER! Your needs are important!!!




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