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I can’t believe that we are already in July already! Only 23 weeks until Christmas, everything is coming up very fast!

It has been a huge year for me and for lots of people I know. Lots of energy, both positive and negative effecting people in different ways. There have been some MASSIVE incidents with humanity as well!

For me personally the last 3 months has been HUGE! Those of you who follow me will know that I’m pregnant with my third baby and it’s a very exciting timeIf you haven’t read my story, then read it here. For Blissed Out Mums it’s been a period of growth and refocus.

I’m coming up to my 2 year anniversary in business and I’ve been reflecting on why I started my coaching practice.

One particular reason was to help mums with practical methods and resources to recover from peri-natal depression. I suffered PND with both my daughters and it has crept its little head in a few times already this pregnancy. However unlike the other times when I had to see GP’s, psychologists or social workers, I’ve had the knowledge and resources to manage it all and despite a few bumps along the row I’m feeling really good about this pregnancy, my baby and the future of my little family.

This personal experience has really helped me refocus on why I started Blissed Out Mums in 2014. It was to help MUMS!

Over the last year due to some different influences I’ve lost my way a little. There were times that I was focusing more on helping mums parent their children – that is the parenting techniques and day-to-day activities of being a mum, than being the life coach I have trained to be. Now I have a wealth of information on parenting as I’ve studied much over the last year however it isn’t my area of expertise, nor is it my passion.

My passion is looking at the inner workings of mums and their journey through motherhood. How the type of person they are, how their mind, body and spirit work together to effect their experiences of motherhood, their children’s behaviour and in turn their family as a whole. I believe that if you want to “fix” a problem within your family or with your children, you cannot just look at the behaviour of your child but also at how you as a person and the type of mum you are being is either contributing to the problem or helping it resolve. Are you as a mum, as a parent, being at cause or effect in the challenges you face with parenting?

This is why I refer to myself as a Motherhood Coach and I’m incredibly proud of the services that I provide.

Now that I’m refocused there are going to be some new changes happening over the next few weeks and months! A new website, Facebook page and updated themes in my Facebook Group are only some of what you’ll see.

I’m going to record new videos!

I’m going to write new blogs… And I’m going to start writing my book that I’ve been planning and I’ll get it done before bub comes, so I’ve got 20 weeks to achieve that goal!

There are some new resources in the works that will be released and some workshops and webinars.

It’s all very exciting!!! YAY!!

I’m really looking forward to sharing with you my rejuvenated focus. It’s going to be a great journey. Change is a part of life, it’s one of the constants of life. And my life is always full of change so I’m used to it and it doesn’t faze me.

Make sure you join me on Facebook! Like my page and if you haven’t already join the Happy Mum = Happy Kids Facebook Group.

I can’t wait to share the journey with you and have you jump on board with Blissed Out Mums.



P.S. Remember that you can always get in contact with me. Facebook is usually quickest but feel free to email me at or pick up the phone and text or call me on 0432 936 867. I really do love talking to all the mums in my community!

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