Communicating With Your Child Makes All The Difference!

Your role as a mum is crucial. How you act, communicating with your child and what you say will influence your child’s opinion on the world and their role in it.

I started out my coaching work because I knew that I could be a great role model for mums and teach and guide them to be the type of mum that I am. A mum that I am VERY proud of!

I’m not here to blow smoke, or talk myself up. Instead I’d like to show you something that my daughter drew and give you her explanation and let that demonstrate what I’m talking about.



All the parenting decisions and choices I make are to strengthen the relationship between the girls and I. To have them grow up to be beautiful, emotionally balanced children who have all the strength and grace to be amazing adults. This takes effort and commitment and it does pay off.

Today while Miss 2 was seeing the osteopath, my eldest drew me this picture. Her description was:

“When you love someone and they are sad (pointing to sad face), you give them love (pointing to heart) and then they will feel happy (pointing to line and then happy face).”

I melted when she said that, and so did the osteo!

She hit the nail on the head…

When you love someone and they are sad, then you give them love. You support and be there for them. You don’t yell at them, harshly discipline them, tell them that they should just cheer up / or not feel sad anymore. That is not love!

The thing about this description is that my daughter would not know this lesson unless she learned it. There are two ways that children learn lessons – first you teach it to them, secondly you DEMONSTRATE it. And as the saying goes actions speak louder that words. 

 My daughter knows that you treat people with love because that is how I treat her. I’m a gentle, respectful, positive parent who puts her child’s needs as a priority, even if that means a sacrifice for me.

I don’t sleep train, I don’t smack, I don’t yell. I ask for her opinion and input into how our family runs and what she says is respected. I know what type of mum I want to be and I act like that every single day.

My daughters are both good eggs. As their mum, and their primary care giver I know that when I get explanations to paintings such as these I am doing the best job that I can at being a mum.

You can too. You just need to take the steps to be the type of mum you want to be. Take them today, there is no time like the present!

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