The last three weeks have been a struggle for me. I’ve gone through mediation in regards to arrangements with my girls and their dad. All of this will be finished by the end of the year. YAY!!! My youngest got a new tooth. My two girls are both sick with Hand Foot and Mouth. And to top it all off I have had the worst sciatica.

When I saw my chiropractor yesterday she asked why I was having such an acute attack of pain. It has been behaving itself lately and this came out of the blue. I had put it down to the girls being sick. My little one had such nasty blisters on her feet that she didn’t want to stand on them and combine that with a new tooth all she wanted to do was to be carried around. She’s certainly not a light little newborn anymore and 10kg resting on my left hips doesn’t do it any favours.

So I went to yoga this morning. It was gentle yoga, I knew that anything too strenuous would just cause more pain. And I was doing the poses, feeling my body stretch and soften and feeling my breath energise my whole body. I came to two realisations.



The teacher spoke about the importance of good foundations, creating balance from the ground up. It was a light bulb moment – one that should have been obvious, but its great that I paid attention.

With everything going on I haven’t had much if any balance. I put myself first last Wednesday when I took two hours to sleep in the day after a sleepless night. But honestly that was about it. To be truthful I haven’t even eaten very well. No wonder my sciatica played up. Our hips stabilise us, balance us, help us walk. The whole pelvis is crucial to us standing upright. If I haven’t looked after myself then how can my body balance itself?

So back into yoga and back into putting some time into me! I tell all my clients to do it – I need to take my own advice!!


Change and Respect

I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the studios mirror and I didn’t like my reflection. I don’t want to be negative as it doesn’t do any good. But I can take responsibility for where I am now. I am the sole result of all the decisions and choices that I have made. Blaming anyone or anything else is just a cop out. I love my body. It is strong and powerful. It carried my two beautiful girls inside me. It gave birth to to healthy babies. I have been blessed with the ability to breastfeed both my girls without too many hiccups. My body allows me to walk, to swim, to do all the activities that a busy mum needs to.

It is time to respect my body for the amazing thing that it is and feed it healthy and nutritious food, including a bit of chocolate because I’m just such a fan! Respect it and move it!


It is coming up to the silly season and everything starts to get really busy. I’m busy with all my work for Blissed Out Mums. I’m busy preparing for Christmas. A mum is just busy every day! Time to respect myself and find some balance.






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